A Conversation with Skye Perry about Esri's Utility Network

Skye Perry is my guest on the first episode of Speaking of GIS.  As a replacement for the geometric network, the Utility Network brings lots of opportunities for new technology to utilities.  It also brings a lot of change, which we talk about.


How Skye got started with GIS.

SSP working with Utility Network for the first time

Learning curves, transitions, and change - utilities have a lot to learn.

Fully server-enabled Web GIS.

ArcGIS Pro vs simple applications.

Leaning into the future of GIS.

SSP's blog has a lot of terrific insights about the Utility Network.

Esri's ArcNews article from Spring 2017:  Introduction the Utility Network for ArcGIS

An excellent primer on the Utility Network for Gas by Tom Coolidge and Tom DeWitte:  Organizing Your Gas Network for Understanding, Visualization, and Agility