Episode 4: Creating Inclusive GIS Services at the City of Riverside, California

Special Guest:  Toby Soto, GIS Manager for City of Riverside, California.  Reach him here: munigovguy.com


Show Topics:

GIS at the City of Riverside

  • Creating integrated services across a distributed city government.
  • Benefits of having a GIS Executive Steering Committee 

Open Data GIS Portals: 

Engage Riverside

Creating Open Data Portals

  • Live and authoritative data available to the public.
  • Improved efficiency in work for web portals - legal data agreements integrated into the GIS workflows.
  • Reducing amount of data exports
  • Removing Personably Identifiable Information and other sensitive information.
  • Ensuring data is correct before publishing.

Creating inclusive city services through the new Innovation Division

Professional Development at MuniGovGuy.com

  • Learning what it takes to bridge the gap from technology to business.
  • Making GIS work better for your organization.
  • Learning best management practices from other GIS Managers.

GIS Peer Success Webinars

  • Online roundtable meeting to address topics with attendee chat groups.
  • Building a communication channel to management through Return on Investment organizations.