Women GIS

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Organized in 2012, WiGIS has been very active at conferences and on the web.  Join Christina Boggs-Chavira and me as we talk about issues in the modern work place.

Website: Women in GIS

Twitter:  @WomeninGIS

Founding Topics for Women in GIS

Women in GIS and Women in STEM

Thriving in the Workplace:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Building Allies
  • Risk Taking and Not Getting Blindsided
  • Where’s your Awesome Folder?

Hiring and Managing Teams:

  • Checking for Bias
  • Job Advertising and Advertising
  • Dealing with Resume Gaps


  • Mentorships
  • Mailing Lists
  • Job Announcements
  • Want to volunteer?

Christina can be found on Twitter.

Join the GIS conversation at @speakingofgis.

Feedback? Reach out to me at kurt@speakingofgis.com.

Music Credit:  Lee Rosevere, Bridgeport