What's Your Job Title?


Listener Challenge:  Change Your Job Title

We all have titles, mine is GIS Supervisor.  No one uses that title.  They call me and ask for information products. No one asks me how I supervised today.  It's org chart language that is functional but doesn't really describe my role in the company.

Wade got me thinking (really, listen to the show).  Can you think of your job title in a way that reduces the technology names, removes geospatial, GIS and any other tech names?  What is the title you would give yourself if it truly represented the value you provide to the organization?

What am I now - Supervisor?  That is really not my role.  Again, they call me and ask for unique and special information products, mobile apps, and insight into company information.

  • Location Intelligence Officer
  • Business Intelligence Savant
  • Digital Facilities and Network Manager
  • Tool Builder for Tomorrow
  • Information Cataloger
  • Insight Manager (My ego likes this one but I hope there is more than one of us).

What is your new job title?  Let me know in the comments below.


Show Notes:

I'm joined by Wade Kloos who helps me understand a few things about Utah Dept of Natural Resources and aligning GIS to organizational objectives.  

Show Topics:

State of Utah Overall Mission vs. DNR Division Goals

Integration with Enterprise Platforms

  • Customer Surveys
  • Drone/UAS Programs
  • State Parks

GIS Manager Summit at Esri User Conference

Achieving Maximum Organizational Value


Contact Wade:  wkloos@utah.gov

Contact Kurt:  kurt@speakingofgis.com

Thanks, Wade!