Putting the User in User Conference

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Show Notes:

Tim Nolan from Collin County and I discuss the upcoming Esri User Conference and his work at Collin County, Texas.  Thanks, Tim!


Collin County Texas

Organizational integration of GIS and IT and his career perspectives.

Foreclosure Application honored as best practice for counties in Texas


Esri UC  

Newbie planning for the conference.

Get the Agenda. https://bit.ly/2MSrSCT

Getting Inspired at the Plenary

Find the tracks that are of interest.


Finding New Interests at the UC

GIS Manager Summit started by Adam Carnow

Lean Coffee - leancoffee.org

Esri Showcase

Vendor Expo

Finding and Connecting with Your Peers

Startup Alley


Connect with Tim @PlotBoy

Kurt is around at kurt@speakingofgis.com, also on Twitter @speakingofgis