GITA - Advocating for the Modern GIS Professional


Mark Limbruner and Drew Fioranelli talk about what GITA does for it's members and and the larger geospatial community.

Show Notes:

What does GITA do for its members?

Webinars, conferences, position papers, GISP certification materials

EnerGIS Conference Highlights


  • Problems that drones are solving in oil and pipeline industry.
  • Creating authoritative data with drones.

GITA's position paper on the Geospatial Data Act of 2017

GIS as a disruptive technology and methodology.

Upcoming events - Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference 2018

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Redistricting and the 2020 Census


I am joined by Dr. Megan Gall who is a senior researcher for the Thurgood Marshall Institute at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.  We talk about how GIS is used in redistricting, gerrymandering and how census data is used to draw maps.

Show Notes:

Supreme Court Weighs Claims That Texas Voting Maps Discriminate Against Minorities

Supreme Court, Again Weighing Map Warped by Politics, Shows No Consensus

A Case for Math, Not ‘Gobbledygook,’ in Judging Partisan Voting Maps

Current topics in redistricting:

  • Methods and thresholds
  • Entire map? Specific districts
  • Voting Rights Act

Essential guidelines used to draw district boundaries.

Methods:  People vs Algorithms - are they better/worse?

Puzzle Map for North Carolina

GIS software in play that makes this work possible.

Maptitude, Esri, QGIS

GIS datasets that are important.

Census - redistricting summary file, census block - building block of districts, counties, census tracks, other demographic data, prison populations, current districts and voting precincts.

Importance of Census data.

Changes to census in 2020 that affect redistricting.

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Collecting Your Digital Twin in High Accuracy

Today I am joined by special guest, Jean-Yves Lauture, CTO for EOS Positioning Systems.  We talk about a huge shift in collecting high accuracy data using GPS and GNSS receivers.  Today we can collect better data at a lower cost which enables new forms of geospatial visualization.


Show Notes

GPS vs. GNSS - What’s the difference?

‘Bring Your Own Device’ is changing how we work.

Different GNSS receivers and their accuracy.

  • Consumer grade, Submeter and Centimeter

RTK and Base Stations

Digital Twin: New kinds of GIS unlocked with high accuracy.

  • Drone Imagery
  • 3D Elevations
  • Augmented Reality

EOS Learning Center about GNSS



Social Media as a Sensor to GIS

Special Guest this week is Zac Canders, CEO of DataCapable.  We talk about social media as a source for location information and ways organizations can think about the data.

Show Topics:

  • What is the deal with Facebook?
  • Location information on social media.
  • GIS centric uses for social data.
  • Non-traditional users
  • Curating Information from the river of content.

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This week’s special guest is Lance Watkins, Center Lead for NASA DEVELOP in Tempe, Arizona.

NASA DEVELOP is a capacity building program that combines rich satellite geospatial information with local problem solving.  These 10 week workshops that helps organizations collaborate on new kinds of problem solving.  Participants learn how to use rich NASA datasets to move the needle on their local issues.


Phoenix Health and Air Quality II


Artificial Skyglow Maps  on the Colorado Plateau


Esri Writeup by Joseph Kerski in Community Education 

Special thanks to Lance and everyone at NASA DEVELOP.

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Women GIS

WiGIS Screenshot.png

Organized in 2012, WiGIS has been very active at conferences and on the web.  Join Christina Boggs-Chavira and me as we talk about issues in the modern work place.

Website: Women in GIS

Twitter:  @WomeninGIS

Founding Topics for Women in GIS

Women in GIS and Women in STEM

Thriving in the Workplace:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Building Allies
  • Risk Taking and Not Getting Blindsided
  • Where’s your Awesome Folder?

Hiring and Managing Teams:

  • Checking for Bias
  • Job Advertising and Advertising
  • Dealing with Resume Gaps


  • Mentorships
  • Mailing Lists
  • Job Announcements
  • Want to volunteer?

Christina can be found on Twitter.

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Because We Are All Connected with Trisha Brush

Special Guest is Trish Brush who is the GIS Director at the Planning and Development Services of Kenton County in northern Kentucky.  She is also the co-founder of the Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals. 

Twitter: @twbrush

 An awesome Story Map that helped secure funding for street improvements.

An awesome Story Map that helped secure funding for street improvements.

Show Topics:

PaverSaver - Right of Way Management across 40 different organizations, saving $150,000 and improving the street quality.

LINK-GIS as the hub for regional services.

MapLab - Link

  • Street Intersection Story Map: Link 
  • Using Drones for Active Shooter training.
  • Northern Kentucky MapLab

Marketing GIS through social media

Applications of mobile apps using AGOL

Disaster recovery through mobile apps.

Kentucky Association of Mapping Professionals:

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Building Smarter Cities with James Fee

Special Guest this week is James Fee, who is the CTO for CityZenith.  James is well known for his blog, Spatially Adjusted and improving the meetup culture wherever he goes.


Show Notes:

What are Smart Cities?

Analysis, IoT and the places we live.

BIM Modeling - a database of objects that make up a building and their functional relationships.

Different purposes for AEC vs GIS usage.

slimBIM - Managing your level of detail

The lifecycle of a building information model:

Planning - Design - Construction - As-Built - Analysis and Asset Management

The world of IoT - we’re all sensors for Strava


James can be found at: 


Spatially Adjusted

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Episode 4: Creating Inclusive GIS Services at the City of Riverside, California

Special Guest:  Toby Soto, GIS Manager for City of Riverside, California.  Reach him here:


Show Topics:

GIS at the City of Riverside

  • Creating integrated services across a distributed city government.
  • Benefits of having a GIS Executive Steering Committee 

Open Data GIS Portals: 

Engage Riverside

Creating Open Data Portals

  • Live and authoritative data available to the public.
  • Improved efficiency in work for web portals - legal data agreements integrated into the GIS workflows.
  • Reducing amount of data exports
  • Removing Personably Identifiable Information and other sensitive information.
  • Ensuring data is correct before publishing.

Creating inclusive city services through the new Innovation Division

Professional Development at

  • Learning what it takes to bridge the gap from technology to business.
  • Making GIS work better for your organization.
  • Learning best management practices from other GIS Managers.

GIS Peer Success Webinars

  • Online roundtable meeting to address topics with attendee chat groups.
  • Building a communication channel to management through Return on Investment organizations.

Episode 3: Shining a Spotlight on Small Business with GIS

Andrew Valenski joins the show to talk about how the City of Charlotte, North Carloina uses GIS and story maps to encourage economic opportunity.

“People want stuff through browsers.  They want it accessible, cloud-based and distributed.  WebGIS is that solution in the GIS world.”

Show Contents:

Digging into Charlotte

  • A place where young professionals are moving. Read more at BizJournal.

City Accelerator Program - Story Map

  • More information on City Accelerator can be found on Charlotte's website.
  • Going from Story Board to Story Map.

Moving into a WebGIS world.  

  • Moving users from Desktop to WebGIS.
  • Moving GIS Professionals from Desktop to WebGIS.

Cloosiv - A not so GIS-y small business app. Go here.

“Thinking that GIS is for mapping is like thinking a Porsche is for cup-holding.”